HEB vs. Wal-Mart

Interesting article in Supermarket news dated May 5th, 2014. HEB was noted as having lower pricing than Wal-Mart stores in the Texas area based off a 20 SKU shop. HEB continues to do a good job of pushing forwards; this is the David and Goliath story being played out in Texas. If in 20 years from now while HEB keep innovating, Wal-Mart focus is on pricing not always a winning proposition the question will be who will dominate, #1 is never a guarantee. HEB new store are out standing, all retail companies would do good to keep an eye on their growth and innovation. Once Costco’s Jim Sinegal told me at a club opening in the Dallas area, that they were the innovators and we Wal-Mart were the imitators (I did feel small that day).   HEB is the real thing; watch them as they continue stretching the retail envelope.

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